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“ Licked up on her neck now she leaking down her knees, she grabbing on her breast submitting to my tease…my lil nympho baby girl is a freak.. scholar with her knowledge but in my class she gets the D
all up in her book and im studying as we speak…bookmark on chapter sex and this is were i read. she begging baby please, mumbling tryna breathe..dick up in her gut, she like it rough until she reaaach…climax..i-max got this movie on repeat..on her 3rd orgasm and still climbing up my tree…she want my forbidden fruit after a ruff ryde thats my eve..as the rain subsides i roll my spliff and she falls asleep. -Duane G. ”

—    DG (via duane-g)

lets say u had a gf right and u wanted to hang out with a girl u had a thing with b4 ur gf so u did and yall hung out and made out and fucked, what does that mean

Asked by Anonymous

I mean…you cheated pretty much! What part of the equation do fall under?

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